McQNisms: Don’t Get The Water Gun Wet (and More)

This is my first post of McQNisms – funny little tidbits of our lives that aren’t quite enough to be a post on their own, so I’ll combine a bunch into one.

Why “McQNisms?”  That’s how our last name, McKeown, is pronounced.  Mc-Q-N.  Many of you that know me in real life are probably reading this right now saying “THAT is how you are supposed to say it??”  We are so used to it being pronounced incorrectly, we just answer to anything now.  McKeon or McKnown or McQueen or McKeeOwwIn or – my favorite – McCowin.  Just think of it like JR Ewing from Dallas.  But with a “Mick” at the front and no “guh” at the end.

I wish I had funnier ones for the inaugural McQNisms…but this week it’s all I got!  I even had to recycle a couple of old Facebook statuses.


Me:  You left the bin of Super Soakers outside and it is raining!  They are going to get ruined.


Eric:  Mom, they are water guns. And you are telling me not to let them get wet…

Touché, Eric.  Touché.


While Jimmy was listening to “Dude looks like a lady” by Aerosmith, Eric asks “Is that about Justin Bieber?”



Discussion about Jake’s teammate that had to leave their football game because of an injury (since then we’ve found out he has a concussion but is ok)…

Jake:  They wanted him to go to the emergency room because he hit his head pretty hard.  They said it wasn’t good because he was seeing colors.

(Greg gets a look of horror on his face)

Greg: But I see colors all the time!


As I was getting ready to go to back to school night at the high school…

Me: I think I just go straight to your first block class, right?

Jimmy: I don’t know.  Didn’t you go to back to school night the past 2 years?

Me: Yes, but all I remember is feeling lost.

Jimmy:  You just described my entire Freshman year.



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