Most of my writing is about my kids, yet I don’t have time to write because of my kids.

Since I have 4 kids, I didn’t call this post a catch-22.  Catch-44 seemed, well, catchier.

I missed my shot with “My Life Is A Sitcom” because I swear the writers from some current sitcoms are peeping in my windows for their ideas.  I just wish I could consistently write my own “sitcom” more often.  I really do enjoy writing my blog and I know consistency is best for my readers.  But time restraints keep getting in the way.

Honestly though, time isn’t my only hindrance. I’ve become quite obsessed with wanting to know how many people are actually reading my blog.  Very obsessed, actually.  Pathetic, I know.   It is causing a mental block that is making me write less.

To get more people to read, I need to write more, yet I can’t write more because of wondering how many people are reading.

Another catch-22.  Or catch-55.

But that will have to be another blog topic.  I don’t have time right now. 😉

My life is a paradox.  And sometimes a parody.

3 thoughts on “Catch-44”

  1. I get annoyed with myself for worrying about how many people are reading my blog. It is a sickness. Don’t worry too much about writing. We’ll read whatever you can manage. This is supposed to be fun, not a chore!

  2. Your writing will wax and wane with you. You are a natural storyteller and have a wonderful voice. Don’t force it. It will come. And don’t obsess about readers. I read a lot of people who don’t post regularly because when they do post, it is really, really good. And worth the wait.

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