Jolly Old St. Nick-or-Treat

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Rescheduling “Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat” has proven to be a bit…umm…tricky.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a workable date to transform the event into “Snacksgiving” (I thought that was a little less offensive than calling it “Thanksgivoweenie.”).

I did, however, have a meeting yesterday and am happy to report it will be held in conjunction with a distribution of shoe box filled gifts for Christmas.

It will most likely be held strictly indoors (because I don’t want Mother Nature flubbing things up again!) with some festive decorations and games with the food as “prizes.”  There is a possibility of still trying to incorporate the trunk-or-treat concept.  “Christmas Tree Trunk-or-treat” perhaps.

I’m anxious for this to happen (and to get all the food out of my living room), but for now I suppose I will just have to Ho-Ho-Hold my horses.

Stay tuned…


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