Santa Lost His Head. Or Was It Stolen?

One day last week, I spent the day running around like a chicken with my head cut off,  finishing last minute Christmas prep.  I must admit I was so stressed by my to-do list that what I saw when I got home made me lose my head.  And I wasn’t the only one.  I walked in to find this…

Santa destroyed

And this…

Santa peek a boo guilty dogs

I was 100% sure the guilty looking one – Brownie –  was innocent.  I’d have bet money it was Cookie that beheaded my “peek-a-boo Santa.”

I told the kids not to eat Santa’s cookies while I was gone but didn’t think I needed to tell Cookie not to eat Santa.  Lesson learned.

I attempted to prop the head back on…

Santa peekaboo

But kept finding this…

Santa headless

Even when Cookie wasn’t around.

A little research uncovered a disturbing find…SANTA HAS BEEN LOSING HIS HEAD A LOT!

Maybe Cookie really was as innocent as her expression.

I always visualized Santa as calm, cool and collected.  Not rattled by anything.  But, perhaps, he gets just as frazzled as the rest of us.  And loses his head.

Photos on Flickr* show this shocking proof…

Santa lost his head 6     Santa lost his head 1     Santa lost his head 5     Santa lost his head 7     Santa lost his head 2

Apparently he occasionally loses his pants too…

Santa lost his head 3

Sometimes he can be hot headed…

Santa hot headed

Other times he blows his top…

Santa lost his head blew his stack

So does Santa just have a short fuse like the rest of us?

Or is there a dog conspiracy to steal Santa’s head?

Santa lost his head dog 1


Perhaps we’ll never know for sure…

But I will remind you that Brownie and Cookie are known felons.

Does the photo of them in this post remind you of something you’ve seen before?  (If not, you need to read “To Catch A Thief…Again.”)

Santa peek a boo guilty dogsdogmugshot

<—beheaded Santa

From “To Catch A Thief…Again”—>

P.S.  You can also find videos on You Tube of Santa sans noggin.  But I wouldn’t suggest searching for “Santa Lost His Head” there.  You get some unexpected results.  Including a case of someone who decapitated a man in Santa Maria.  And a video about two turtles humping.  I don’t even want to know WHY that showed up as a match.

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*Photo credit:  All photos not taken by me that don’t have a photo credit listed as a caption can be found on on the first page of search results for “Santa lost his head” or “hot headed Santa.”

2 thoughts on “Santa Lost His Head. Or Was It Stolen?”

  1. Poor dogs, always getting blamed for things they don’t do. And were you putting Santa in the corner, facing the corner to keep his head on? Or was he playing hide-n-seek?
    Clearly you and I don’t have the right kind of mind for google. It’s always too late that I realize what I searched for could mean something entirely different and not so wholesome.
    Are you packed for NYC yet????

    1. Oh Geesh, I said the wrong game. I’m so lame I can’t even get my kid games straight. 😀 It isn’t a peek-a-boo Santa…he is a hide-n-seek Santa and is supposed to hide his “face” in the corner. Because he doesn’t actually have a face. LOL It is just a plain Styrofoam ball. Well, now my “peek-a-boo-hoo-hoo” caption just looks ridiculous. hahaha!

      Yes, I should just stay away from google. I am still curious what the turtles had to do with Santa but am too afraid to click on the video link to find out.

      I’m not packed yet but actually did go shopping for a cool new outfit. Very unlike me. The shopping part, that is. And the cool outfit part. And the not waiting until the day we are leaving to figure out what I’m packing part.

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