Going to the Elfing Mall

We have an awful, horrible family tradition of going to the mall to see Santa…on Christmas Eve.  To avoid standing in line for hours, we have to get there by 8am.  Now that we have two teens in the house…let’s just say they are less than thrilled about this tradition.

Me: “I know you don’t want to go but I just want a photo of all 4 of you.  You don’t have to sit on Santa’s lap.  Just stand next to the chair.”

Jimmy: “No, I’m sitting ON his lap.  I’m going to make this as uncomfortable for him as it is for me.”

Santa Starbucks bribe
How to get teens to agree to visit Santa at the mall?

Since I didn’t send Christmas cards this year (or last…or the year before…),

here is our Christmas Eve in photos:

Waiting for Santa 1
Me: Greg, scoot closer to Jimmy. Closer. Closer.
Jimmy: Why am I here?
Jake and Eric: GREG!!! MOVE!!!
Waiting for Santa 3
Greg: Why the heck are you yelling at me???
(The finger sticking up is a coincidence.
I think.)
Jimmy: Why. Am. I. Here?
Waiting for Santa 4
Greg: Why is everyone in that huge long line behind us staring?
Jimmy: Because we are freaks.
Waiting for Santa 5
The perfect, happy family.
For a second…
Waiting for Santa 6
Uh. Oh.
Jake has that look in his eye…
Waiting for Santa 7
Jake: Stop what? It’s just a hug.
Jimmy: No. I am NOT hiding a smile.
Waiting for Santa 8
Jimmy (in his best Mom voice): Now boys. This is not a wrestling mat.
Waiting for Santa 9
Greg: And THAT is for yelling at me!
Me: I’m totally blogging about this.
Santa blue background 3
Me: Greg looks like the Peanuts kids when they are singing.
Jake: Yeah, the dirty one!

Charlie Brown Christmas singing







After all the evil glares, Jimmy appears to be the happiest of all to see Santa!
After all the evil glares, Jimmy appears to be the happiest of all to see Santa!


Santa Redskins Jerseys
Eric: Hey Greg, wouldn’t it be cool to have a jersey of someone who actually still plays on the team???
Santa after photo 1
All smiles on the way out…
Santa after photo 2
…and then back to life as usual.







20 thoughts on “Going to the Elfing Mall”

  1. I think it’s completely amazing that they all agree to do this! Even if it is half-heartedly. Good for you for keeping this tradition and making it fun!

    1. I would suggest making it a day-after-Thanksgiving-tradition. Less crowded then. Although we wouldn’t have been as much of a public spectacle if there hadn’t been such a long line behind us. 😀

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