NYC Part 2B – Hey Waiter, There’s A Tree In My Drink

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We decided to take a break in the cocktail lounge and enjoy our chance to walk out on a bar tab with permission.  Again we were doted on.  The staff came over and sat with us while asking to hear all about the Housewife Heroes contest.  They oohed and aahed over the prize package and were very excited that we were meeting Melissa Gorga.

Excuse me waiter, there’s a tree in my drink!
Christmas Tree Drink
We don’t need to go to Rockefeller Plaza to see the Christmas tree. Just look in my drink!
Christmas Tree Drink 2
Yummiest tree ever.

On our way to Rockefeller Plaza, we had a photo-op in front of policemen riding horses.

NYC Part 2 Police Ride the Horse

Unfortunately, “riding the horse” made me think of the Gangnam style video.   NYC Part 2 Ride the Horse Gangnman Style

Oh yes I did.  I broke out into dance.  Right in the middle of Times Square.  My kids disowned me when they saw these photos.  NYC Part 2 Ride the Horse Gangname Style 2

I guess I had too many of those Christmas tree drinks…

Decided it was a good idea to get some food in our bellies so we took a taxi to Lombardi’s.  Jimmy and Jake had very similar responses when we told them we ate the oldest pizza in the US.

“That must have tasted rotten.” “Was the cheese green?”

NYC Part 2 Lombardis Mona Lisa smile
Oops. No smiling next to Mona Lisa, right?
NYC Part 2 Lombardis Mona Lisa no smile
No teeth allowed.
NYC Part 2 Lombardi Giant Mixer
Just think how many cupcakes I could make with THIS!!
Lombardi's pizza
The only thing green is the basil.

  Speaking of green stuff, Rockefeller Plaza was just gorgeous!  Although you couldn’t really tell it was a green tree under all the lights.

The bar could make a TON of drinks with all these branches.

(Before you think I’m completely ditzy, I DO realize it was a rosemary sprig in my drink.  But, naturally, I had to seize any opportunity for a joke.) 

Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree and Angels
30,047 lights on the tree. I counted.
Rockefeller Plaze Christmas Tree
Looks just like our tree at home!

Rockefeller Plaza Ice Skating 2

I decided to stay off the ice.  Weak cheeks do run in our family after all (Remember, “A Pain in the Coccyx?“).  I didn’t need a pain in the butt during lunch with Melissa.  But Jim came anyway.  Ba-Dum-Ching.  (Sorry Jim, I couldn’t resist.)

Giant Decorations lights
I’d hate to have to untangle THAT string of lights.
I knew my flute skills would come in handy again some day…
Giant Decorations ornaments
Touching the giant ornament…or AM I??

Giant Decorations ornaments 2

We did some window shopping.

Chocolatier Let Me In
For a city that never sleeps, the chocolate store surely does close early…LET ME IN!
Lego 3
Mini Rockefeller Plaza. Lego style.
Surrounded by tall buildings
Surrounded by tall buildings!
Window shopping on 5th Ave. A must.
Time Square at night
It may be the city that doesn’t sleep. But it does get tired.

Up next “NYC Part 3 – In The Lyme Light.”  What lunch with a celeb is REALLY like.

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