Pie, It’s Not Just For Dessert Anymore

Me: Greg do you want some chicken pot pie now?

Greg:  Sure.  But what’s for dinner?

Me:  Chicken pot pie.  It is not a dessert kind of pie.

<Eric walks in>

Greg (to Eric):  We are having pie.  For dinner!  All I know is that it has chicken in it.  And popcorn.

Me:  Popcorn?

Greg:  Yeah.  You said it is chicken popped pie.


Remember my never-made-a-pie-before-confession?  (Obviously that included chicken popped pie also.).  Well, now I have!  Jake brought his grades up and as a reward I did it.  I baked a chocolate meringue pie.  And not an Oppan Costco Style pie.  I didn’t even use instant pudding.  And I made meringue too!  Aren’t you proud?____________________________________________________

I usually post jokes and less than stellar moments about my children because no one wants to hear about the sweet, well-behaved moments.  Those are just boring.

But I have to share this little note I found scribbled in the notebook I keep next to my computer.  Very heartfelt for a 13-year-old…

Note From Jake

I will keep it handy for the next time he is screaming how much he hates me.


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P. S. Here’s the pie recipe if you are interested.

5 thoughts on “Pie, It’s Not Just For Dessert Anymore”

    1. Jake has always been my Momma’s boy. Used to drive me nuts some days but now I enjoy it. I don’t think I will be taking up pie making as a hobby. I wasn’t a fan of the pre-made, roll-out crust and I KNOW a crust from scratch is not in the cards.

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