You Can Always Count On The People Of Walmart For A Laugh

I had to take a break from my NYC posts to tell you this.  It is too funny to wait.

Jim witnessed this while in the checkout line at Walmart.

Lady in front of him had purchases totaling 90 cents.  She gave the cashier a 50 cent piece, 3 quarters, a dime and 5 pennies.  Keep the denominations in mind.  That is key.

Cashier: What’s this?

Lady: It is a 50 cent piece.

Cashier (examines it with a puzzled look): Ummm…

Lady: Yeah, that’s 50.  And (counting the QUARTERS) 60, 70, 80.  And this makes 85 (adding the DIME). 86, 87, 88, 89, 90 (counting the pennies..she at least counted those correctly).

Cashier (Holding up one of the quarters):  I can’t accept this.

Lady: Why?

Cashier: It isn’t US currency.  It says it is from Indiana.


Jim stood for a few minutes watching in disbelief as the cashier wouldn’t accept the quarter and neither the cashier nor the lady realized the coins actually added up to $1.40.  Finally Jim couldn’t stand it any longer.  He handed the 50 cent piece and 2 quarters to the cashier and said “This is $1. Give her 10 cents back.  She can keep her Indiana money.”

The cashier wouldn’t even look at him after that.


After viewing these photos taken an Indiana Walmart, perhaps the cashier was correct.  They DO seem to be from another world…

"How can a dime be 10 cents??? It is smaller than a nickel!"
“A dime is 10 cents??? But it’s smaller than a nickel.”
Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore...
Monkeys in Walmart? Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore…

This guy in a Georgia Walmart probably could have helped the confusion.  He even makes his bling out of money…

People Of Walmart Money Bling

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13 thoughts on “You Can Always Count On The People Of Walmart For A Laugh”

    1. Jim made a quick stop when we were out of cat food. I am sure he felt like he was lost though. Or at least had lost his mind.

      Good thing the lady didn’t also have a quarter from Georgia. 😉

  1. As a teacher, all I can say is…yup. I have encountered those two before. This is evidence that teaching is hard.

    I loved how you told this. Cracked me up. Whenever you get paid for your writing, you should request it all in foreign Indiana denominations. Hilarious!

  2. Number 1.Walmart is a very, very scary place.. Number 2. What the hell were they thinking making the nickel bigger than the dime?It even confuses me. Number 3. Indiana IS A whole other universe….
    Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

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