Facebook Status Quo

status quo  (kw) n. The existing condition or state of affairs.

The existing condition of my state of affairs this month has been mostly suckishly sickish (Spell check, please stop underlining suckishly.  It is so a word.).  Lots of illness, time in bed and foggy headed days.

This current status quo also makes for a suckishly empty blog.  Hard to spend much time writing posts when you are sleeping or can’t keep a clear thought in your head!

BUT, the good news is that even when I can’t coherently put a paragraph together, I can still manage to post FACEBOOK STATUSES!

So JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK to get tidbits of funny when my Blog Quo is a no go.

Click HERE, “like” the page and then hover over the like button and click on “get notifications.”

(You could also join me on Twitter or Pinterest but Facebook is my social media “home.”  I haven’t ventured out of my Facebook comfort zone much.  In fact, I don’t even know the link to send you to my Pinterest page!)

Also, thanks to everyone that has still been voting for me on the “Best Mom Blogs” and “Top Mommy Blogs.”  Was surprised to see I still have the #1 spot on Best Mom even though I haven’t been begging for votes posting often!  You all rock! (The banners to click on are on the right side bar)

I feel the fog lifting…so hopefully a new post will soon emerge…

Hope to see you over on FB!!!





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