Weeding, People of Walmart Style

I sent Greg out back to pick up some weeds that Jim had pulled.  I peeked out to check how he was doing and THIS is what I saw…

Greg Picking Up Weeds

Never a dull moment here.  Not too many sharp ones either.

Greg IS the People of Walmart

The fact that he has his PJ pants on at three o’clock in the afternoon is the most normal part of this…

12 thoughts on “Weeding, People of Walmart Style”

  1. Oh. My. Hell. That is classic. Reminds me of the time my 5yo daughter emptied the shoe bins and put one on her head and stuck her feet in the other and fell asleep on the floor.

    Kids. They are so weird.

  2. So cute! My little dude would probably be sitting inside of the bag!! Thank you so much for sharing & linking up at Thank You Honey’s Whatever Wednesday Party!! The party goes live every Tuesday! Let’s connect by adding me to your G+ circles or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest as I already did with you!

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