Blogger Idol: Help Me Be the Kelly Clarkson of Bloggers

blogger idol

I am auditioning for Blogger Idol!

Just like the reality singing show, droves of bloggers will audition and judges will narrow the contestants down to the top 12.  The finalists will submit a weekly post based on a specific writing prompt.  Each week someone will “go home” until a sole “Blogger Idol” remains.  The winner gets a grand prize package, but more importantly…bragging rights!

What can you do to help?  Go to Blogger Idol’s Facebook Page and Twitter and let them know you want to see Momopolize in the top 12! 

There is an impressive panel of judges (I’m totally NOT above kissing up!).  Please go visit them and let them know what you love about this blog!

  1. Martinis and Minivans (2012 Winner!)- Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Spaghetti Western (2011 Winner!) – Facebook and Twitter
  3. Ice Scream Mama – Facebook and Twitter
  4. Crazed in the Kitchen – Facebook and Twitter
  5. Pile of Babies – Facebook and Twitter
  6. Manderstanding – Twitter
  7. My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream – Facebook and Twitter
  8. My Own Private Idaho – Facebook and Twitter
  9. Non-Stop Mom – Facebook and Twitter
  10. I Need a Playdate – Facebook and Twitter
  11. Pinwheels and Poppies – Facebook
  12. Daddy’s in Charge? – Facebook and Twitter
  13. The Mother Freakin’ Princess – Facebook
  14. Red Vines and Red Wine – Facebook and Twitter

Crossing fingers, arms, toes, legs and eyes!

9 thoughts on “Blogger Idol: Help Me Be the Kelly Clarkson of Bloggers”

  1. I auditioned as well. I hope I make the Top 12 but I have to admit I won’t be too surprised if I don’t. It would be awesome to be able to participate though. I could certainly use a good challenge. Best of luck to you!

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