The One Percent, Parenting Edition

There are many days I feel like parenting is 99% frustration.  But just when I feel like I’m drowning in griping, bickering and all out brawls, it happens.  That brief glimpse of cooperating, supporting and all out harmony.

It’s the parenting 1%.

Just like the richest 1% holds almost half of the world’s wealth, the parenting 1% holds almost half of parental bliss!

Speaking of 99%, that is also about the same the percentage of posts I write that are complaining, busting on or poking fun at my guys.  Because let’s face it – that’s funnier.  In atonement for throwing them under the bus over and over (and over), THIS is their 1%.

I – stealthily – snapped these photos through our front door glass.  And…ummmm…ignore the fact that Greg is barefoot and in shorts while wearing a winter coat.  It was 40 degrees that day so I don’t know WHY he thought it was a good idea to go outside like that.  I mean a winter coat??  Crazy kid.

Jake went outside to play basketball but saw Greg struggling to get a successful run on the Hot Wheels track he had built.

Jake helping Greg with hotwheels 1

Jake searched the bin of track pieces.  The solution required thinking outside of the box.  The Matchbox.

Jake helping Greg with hotwheels 2

                       By (Gregory) George, I think he’s got it.  (That would have been funnier if any of you knew that Greg’s middle name is George.)

Jake helping Greg with hotwheels 3

“Sometimes being a brother is better than being a superhero.” ~ Marc Brown

Jake helping Greg with hotwheels 5

Car in hand, it’s time to try, try again.

Jake helping Greg with hotwheels 6

Mission accomplished!  Even the smallest successes deserve the biggest high fives.  (Unfortunately the small cell camera wasn’t big enough to get the entire high five on film.)

Jake helping Greg with hotwheels 7

                  “First a brother, then a bother, now a friend.” ~ Unknown

And now we return to our regularly scheduled sarcasm.

“I smile because you’re my brother, I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it!” ~ Unknown

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13 thoughts on “The One Percent, Parenting Edition”

  1. Awesome.

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    Momopolize wrote:

    momopolize posted: “There are many days I feel like parenting is 99% frustration. But just when I feel like I’m drowning in griping, bickering and all out brawls, it happens. That brief glimpse of cooperating, supporting and all out harmony. It’s the parenting 1%. Ju”

  2. Love those days! So much of my time is spent refereeing, that the times when they actually get along, laugh, have good times are the moments I love most!

  3. I loved seeing those moments when my kids were growing up – when my daughter would find her sympathetic side, when my son would be the adoring little brother looking up to his sister – even now that they’re grown it happens…sometimes!

  4. Love those moments! I have three girls and they sometimes fight like cats & dogs – especially the two oldest ones. I treasure the times when I catch them working together and getting along!

  5. I sometimes feel the same way. I worry that people will think my kids are completely feral and I’m cowering in the corner all day long. Of course we have those moments of sheer bliss and perfection (rarely, but they do exist), and most of the time we are pretty boring and average, but the crazy is what sells. It’s the funniest. But sometimes it’s nice to step back and remind ourselves (and everyone else) that some days are good 🙂 Nice post.

  6. I am impressed you were able to capture all those photos without being busted! If they had seen you documenting their brotherly love then they would undoubtedly have quit cooperating and started wrestling! I love that your kid was in a winter coat and shorts because it was 21* here this morning but will be 60* this afternoon so my son BEGGED me to let him wear shorts this morning. 21*. Not happening kid.


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