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Oppan Costco Style

OMGosh you guys!  I think I must be a viral sensation.  I went to Costco today and like almost EVERY cart had used my pie recipe.  (If you missed my pie recipe yesterday, click here.)  I couldn’t believe it.  That means they ALL read my blog and ran right out to try what I suggested, right?  I am so excited!  I mean, if that many people from just MY Costo read my blog, then just think how many read it across the country!!!

Some people even made their own adjustments to the recipe, substituting Pumpkin or Pecans for the Apples.  Pure genius.  I always suspected my readers are brilliant.

I think I even heard a few singing the following song…

Hey, Bloggy Lady. Op, Op, Op, Oppan Costco Style.

Hey, Bloggy Lady. Op, Op, Op Oppan Costco Style.

Look out Gangnam Style, I think Costco Style is the next big thing.  My pie-in-the-sky is within reach.

Now I just need some cool dance moves.  “Bake the Cake” anyone?


What’s that you’re saying??  All the people buying pies at Costco had nothing to do with following my recipe??  Or reading my blog??  Oh.

I guess I need to eat humble pie.  Anyone have a recipe??



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Gangnam Style – Viral Sensation or Viral Infestation?

I was so excited about the increased views of my blog since being Freshly Pressed.  Views of my blog have been coming in by the thousands.  Well, sometimes the thousand.  And other times the hundreds.  But I’m an internet sensation, or at least a WordPress sensation.  Right?  Oh, what’s that you say?  “Thousands” means nothing on the internet?  The latest viral sensation on youtube right now has 131 MILLION views and climbing??  Oh.  Wow.  That must one absolutely EXCEPTIONAL video to get that much attention.  Phenomenal, remarkable, surpassing all expectations!   I MUST go watch this.

GANGNAM STYLE VIDEO: (For the 47 people that haven’t already seen it.)

Photo credit

Wow, I was right.  That IS one EXCEPTIONAL video.  I just had the wrong definition of exceptional.  Peculiar, abnormal, nothing I would ever expect to see!  I think I will refer to the singer as Psy-cho.  The video is full of bizarre outfits and scenarios.  One of my favorite is the fake explosion with the person nearby jumping out of the way.  Unfortunately, they jump out of the way about 5 seconds AFTER the explosion.  Amazingly, they seemed unharmed. Another scene shows Psy sitting on the toilet.  Lovely.  Psy supposedly popularizes a “new” dance called “riding the horse.”   Sorry, but Will and Carlton dancing to “Jump On It” on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air show comes to mind.  Now that is rad.

Photo credit

JUMP ON IT video:   (For the 131 million that are too young to have seen that episode.)

Now for the confession.  I can’t get this “exceptional” song out of my brain.  Please.  Get.  It.  Out.  Of.  My.  Head.  I have been singing it over and over (and over and over) all day long.  I even re-watched the video.  Twice.  Alright, alright.  I admit it.  I’m listening to it as I type this.  For me, it isn’t a viral sensation.  It is a viral infestation.  I can’t rid my mind of it.

“Oppan Gangnam Style” is the full title of the song, which translates as “your big brother is Gangnam Style.”  The best part of this craze is “Umma Gangnam Style” or “Mom is Gangnam style.”  Middle aged woman steps up to the challenge.  No, she one-ups!  This Mom has some serious moves while dancing to Psy’s song.  I saw somewhere that the Mom is 60, but I am inclined to believe that was written by a teenager who thinks anyone over the ago of 30 is “60.”  If she really IS 60, I want her secret.

Photo credit to


The Umma video “only” has 4 million+ views but deserves as many as the original version in my opinion.  That Mom, that Umma – now SHE is a sensation.  You go Mom!

Just what IS it about this song that makes it so “exceptional??”  I think it is the outrageous factor.  And possibly some sublimal messages that make it impossible to stop thinking and talking about.  If that is what is required to go “viral,” I think I’m out of luck.  There is no way my brain could come up with something that outlandishly memorable.

So, for now, I will enjoy writing in my little part of the internet, millions of views or not.  While I listen to Gangnam Style.  Again.

Time to call an exterminator.