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Give Me Something Good To Eat


Trick Or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat will take place a week from today!

Now I just cross my fingers that it all comes together ok.  In other words, I will worry incessantly that it won’t.

As soon as I pressed send for the sign-up genius, I realized just how many people will need to sign up to get enough items.  It’s a scary number. Even if the only attendees are the children that will already be at an after school activity at the school where it is being held.  Eek.

I fear that I won’t hear back about a corporate donation from Walmart.  It would need to be approved in a few days.  Nothing in the corporate world takes a few days.  Yikes.

I panicked when I realized that AOL will no longer allow me to send emails to my entire community distribution list without labeling me a spammer so I’m not able to reach out to as many people as I had hoped.

I’m apprehensive about finding enough volunteers to decorate their cars/tables and hand out treats in the middle of the week, at a hectic time of day.  It made sense to correlate the event with the other activity at the school since so many children we are trying to help will already be there, but it is a nightmare time of day – even for me.

I feel trepidation over not knowing how many children will show up.  My worst fear is seeing little faces holding out a bag and telling them we are out of food!  “Sorry little one, you get a trick.  We are out of treats.”  That would be more awful than the worst horror movie ever.

I guess Halloween really CAN be a terrifying holiday.  And not just because of the monsters.


Hoping the only scary part of this event is the costumes and decorations! 🙂






When I get stressed, my sweet tooth usually takes over.  Recently I have been stressed, but have fought my sweet tooth.  I guess since I haven’t been eating my cravings, I’m subconsciously writing them instead!  I just realized that all of my recent blog entries except one have in some way been about a dessert item…

  • Life Is A Piece Of Cake about cupcakes.
  • To Catch A Thief…Again? isn’t about food but our dogs are named Brownie and Cookie.
  • Life is a box of brown stuff about Russell Stover chocolate.  But at least that one talks about other “brown stuff” that will ruin the desire to eat anything.
  • Easy As Pie” – OK, I didn’t actually write that one.  But it was the most recent DP Weekly Writing Challenge about metaphors and similes.  I intended to write it but ran out of time.

Makes you wonder what my next post will be??

  • I Scream” – a post about my frustration level.
  • A Bunch Of Fruitcakes” – an article about my family.
  • I Need S’more” – a time management piece.
  • Bake The Cake” – a tutorial on the dance moves, including bonus instructions for Drive The Bus.
  • You say goodbye.  I say Jell-o” – a post to convince you to continue reading my corny jokes.

I think it’s time to replenish my Nutella supply.  A spoonful of that will usually satisfy my sweet tooth…and then hopefully I won’t have to change the name of the blog to Sweetopolize.

“Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Coincidence?  I think not!”                  ~Author Unknown

At least my birthday is this month, so for once I can have my cake and eat it too.