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I Stole My Own Sunshine

“I was lying on the grass on Sunday morning of last week
Indulging in my self-defeat”

“And of course you can’t become if you only say what you would have done

So I missed a million miles of fun”

Before I started writing a blog, I must admit I didn’t even really read blogs.  I had a few I read sporadically, but for the most part blogging was foreign to me.  Even though I had wanted to write one for years, I was pretty much clueless.

The past month I have started delving further into the world of blogging.  I’ve been reading more and more blogs.  Awesome blogs.  Insightful.  Thought provoking.  World changing blogs.  And hilarious.  Laugh out loud.  Pee your pants blogs.

And I’ve loved getting to know these wonderful bloggers.  Incredible women (and men) that are pouring their souls out for cyberspace to see.  Bloggers that can express their innermost thoughts in a way that I feel like I’ve known them forever.  Or feel as though they’ve been peeking in my windows because they seem to be describing my life.  Ladies that I’d love to meet in real life because I just KNOW we’d be instant friends.

BUT…there’s always a but…the more extraordinary content I read, the more extra ordinary I felt.

I let them take my sparkle away.  And by “them” I mean me.  (Only those of you that admit to watching the Bachelor will understand the sparkle reference.  Google “Tiara” and “Bachelor” and watch any video clips that come up.  She’s a trip.  But I digress.).  As I read, I yearned for their loyal followers gushing praise in their comments.  I felt completely inferior.

I lost my confidence to write.

Every time I try to blog, the dark cloud of doubt hovers.

My life is too ordinary.

My words are too ordinary.

My ideas are too…ordinary.

See, I couldn’t even come up with words other than ordinary!

I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to write about, but I sit and stare at the “Add New Post” screen and all that goes through my mind is “my writing isn’t good enough.”

So I’ve remained wordless.

But I miss writing.  Really miss it.

Tonight when I signed on to Facebook, the first thing in my news feed was this photo…

Comparison is the thief of joy
Posted by Single Dad Laughing, ironically one of the blogs causing my inferiority complex.

Eureka!  By comparing myself to others, I was taking away something that brought me much happiness.

So I will try to get the words flowing again.  Try to view the fabulous blogs out there not as competition, but as community.  To not be concerned whether I’m better or worse.  To embrace that we are all unique.

I will try.

I will continue to write my blog.  AND I will continue to read other blogs.  Because that’s what I enjoy.  Will I still long for the ability to attract 10s of thousands of followers that comment endlessly and freely press the like button and share all over every social media avenue because my writing is just so inspirational or helped them feel like less of a failure or made them split their sides laughing because it contained the world’s longest run on sentence?  Will I have doubts in the future when I press that publish button that people will yawn and say b-o-r-I-n-g when they read the post?  You bet ‘cha.

But hopefully I will be able to stop comparing and keep the sunshine thief at bay.

Because I don’t want to miss a million miles of fun.

I may not always choose the most eloquent dialogue, or come up with a ground-breaking concept, or be changing the world (yet!).

But my blog is changing my world.  And that should be enough to keep me versed and on my feet.


Retrieving Breakfast, Doggy Style

I slept in this morning since I am getting over being sick (shocker).  When I came downstairs after everyone had left for school, I found this on the dog bed…

Dog Bed Breakfast

Are our Labs living up to their name?  Did they really retrieve the bowl and spoon off the kitchen table and manage to drag it to the dog bed?   Cookie can already open doors and unlatch gates.  I guess I should add carrying a bowl to her list of talents.

Or perhaps my kids are tired of having oatmeal every day.  But I think they would be a little more discreet about ditching their unwanted food.  I realize the “veggies in the napkin” trick would be tough to do with oatmeal, but I still don’t think they would have been brazen enough to leave it out in broad daylight for me to find.  And I doubt they would add a cat food can lid to “throw me off their tracks.”

Either way, I now have photographic evidence that my kids don’t know how to put a dish in the dishwasher.


See the cute little pink circle?  I hate putting it in my post.  I really do.  I have always sucked at asking for help or favors or feeling pushy.  Even just asking for something that takes a few seconds.  But, it is contests like this that increase my readership.  Circle of Moms has over 10 million subscribers so the higher I get in the ranking for their contest, the more exposure I will get!  The writing part of blogging is the fun part for me.  The promoting part is not.

The top bloggers in this contest are well-known and have exponentially more followers than I do (and most have been blogging for years).  I’m definitely the under-dog trying to hang with the Big Dogs.  The Mom&Pop shop next to the Walmart (actually I would be the Mom&Op(olize) Shop.  Read that a couple of times.  You’ll get it. LOL).  But wouldn’t it be SO COOL if EVERYONE reading this voted for me every day until the 13th and skyrocketed me up to the top 25.  And all the big wig blogs were like “Woah, who the heck is this Momopolize person and how did she get up here??”  I’ve always said I have the BEST readers.  You can now prove that to the blogging world.  Let’s show them it isn’t always quantity.  We have QUALITY readers here people.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It probably wouldn’t be all that cool for YOU.  But could you still click the cute pink circle??  And THEN CLICK THE THUMBS UP BUTTON in the box for the “Top 25 Funny Moms 2013” contest.  I don’t want to stay on the porch.

circle of moms top 25

I don’t want to end my post pleading so watch the cutest video.  It will definitely make you laugh…

Baby fast asleep until her favorite song comes onClick on the photo or here to watch “Baby Fast Asleep Until Her Favorite Song Comes On!”  Beware though.  The song is stuck in my head now.

(I can’t post videos here – downside of free blog hosting – so it is posted on FB)

Muzilla, no Snowzilla and I Don’t Sound Like The Chipmunks

I should have known better than to try to set up a cute little light-up village in a house with cats…


I may have Muzilla in my house, but at least there was no Snowzilla around my house to cancel “Jolly Old Saint Nick Or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat” yesterday.  Will write more about that soon when I have time for something other than “quick and easy” posts!

Since Mushu was so afraid of that cat Halloween decoration, maybe I need to pull that out as a “scare-crow”  or, in this case, a “scare-cat” or a “scare-d-cat?”


I attended my first twitter blog party last night.  It was quite fun and I enjoyed meeting some other bloggers.  I’m really trying to get with the times on this whole social media thing. What happened to the “good old days” where everyone was just on Facebook and you actually decided which posts you want to see instead of Facebook selecting for you???

The blog party was to celebrate the launch of the eBook “Bloggy Moms Guide To A Better Blog” by Tiffany Noth.  I don’t know what the rules are for posting excerpts (need to get with the times on that also) so to avoid any violations, I “x’d” out all but one part (yeah, I need to get with the times and get a good photo editor too).

Recognize any names??

ebook Bloggy Moms Guide To A Better Blog

I’m so happy my voice is authentic.  Wouldn’t want to sound like Alvin.  But I will do my best Chipmunk impersonation to say “time for joy and time for cheer!”

Honestly I am honored to be one of only12 blogs mentioned in the book as examples!  And I’m so happy that others view what I write as the real deal, and not fake.   That is a huge compliment in my book (no pun intended).

Thanks Bloggy Moms for the mention!  Can I say I’ve been published now??

I feel like I’ve been so fortunate lately (in the blogging world, at least), that I almost didn’t write about this.  I didn’t want to cross the brag line.  But I’m excited…and I write about things I’m excited about.  So if I didn’t write about it, that would be fake.  And they’d have to take me out of the book.  So there you have it.

If you would like to read what is crossed out, head over to bloggymoms.com to purchase and download the ebook.  No, I was not compensated for, nor asked to promote sales in exchange for being named in the book.  Just want to help Tiffany and…I want people to buy since I’m in it! 😉


Time for a daily click.  Thanks to everyone that clicked theses banners in my other posts.  I tried to be all computer savvy and put them at the end of each post (instead of the side bar, where WordPress does the coding for me) but I didn’t do the link properly so none of those clicks counted.  Story of my life…  So much for that college degree in computers (that I haven’t used for 10+ years).  I *think* I have the links correct now.  Time will tell…

(P.S. After I hit publish, I realized the link was still incorrect.  I think I need to give my diploma back.  So you should REALLY click on the buttons below.  You just don’t know WHAT surprise you may get since I obviously don’t have a clue what I’m doing.  Maybe a cute little animated snowman will pop up.)

the best mom blogs banner

top mommy blog banner

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

I just found out that the “Circle of Moms” website picked Momopolize as one of three “Blogs To Watch” for 2012!!! 

Who are the “Blogs to Watch?”  Straight from the Circle of Mom’s mouth…

“When voting ends, our editors pick 3 Blogs to Watch from the list of blogs who participated in the contest.  The Blogs to Watch are bloggers with a unique voice and original content that caught our editors’ eyes.”

In honor of this special occasion, I wrote some new lyrics for the Rockwell song:

I’m just an average Mom.  With an average life.

I work from 5 to 9.  Hey, I pay the price.

All I have is my crazy kids and my kooky home.

I always  feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

I don’t understand why somebody’s watching me.

Are they playing tricks on me?

I don’t understand why somebody’s watching me.

Tell me is this just a dream??

Circle of Moms and I have pretty much the same number of readers.  Plus or minus 10,300,000 or so.


Thank you Circle of Moms!!!