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Not the Brightest Bulb in the Chandelier

The lights are on, but nobody’s home.

Our orange cat, Rayo, is sweet.  And handsome.

And dim.

The following scenario has happened THREE times…

Greg’s black stuffed animal dog ends up on the floor.  Ray sees it motionless.  He circles the dog, moaning the most horrible mourning meow you’ve ever heard.  Then he lays next to the dog, continuing to howl until someone picks it up.

Why, you ask?

Because he thinks it is our black cat, Mushu.  And he thinks he is dead.

Ray and the stuffed dog

That’s right, he can’t tell the difference between a stuffed dog and a real cat (who he has lived with for 3 years).

We named him Rayo for “rayo de sol” which means ray of sunshine in Spanish.

Unfortunately, it is always a bit cloudy in his world.

On second thought, maybe I can understand the confusion…

mushu on back

We do love our “Cloudy with a Chance of Rayo” cat.

Retrieving Breakfast, Doggy Style

I slept in this morning since I am getting over being sick (shocker).  When I came downstairs after everyone had left for school, I found this on the dog bed…

Dog Bed Breakfast

Are our Labs living up to their name?  Did they really retrieve the bowl and spoon off the kitchen table and manage to drag it to the dog bed?   Cookie can already open doors and unlatch gates.  I guess I should add carrying a bowl to her list of talents.

Or perhaps my kids are tired of having oatmeal every day.  But I think they would be a little more discreet about ditching their unwanted food.  I realize the “veggies in the napkin” trick would be tough to do with oatmeal, but I still don’t think they would have been brazen enough to leave it out in broad daylight for me to find.  And I doubt they would add a cat food can lid to “throw me off their tracks.”

Either way, I now have photographic evidence that my kids don’t know how to put a dish in the dishwasher.


See the cute little pink circle?  I hate putting it in my post.  I really do.  I have always sucked at asking for help or favors or feeling pushy.  Even just asking for something that takes a few seconds.  But, it is contests like this that increase my readership.  Circle of Moms has over 10 million subscribers so the higher I get in the ranking for their contest, the more exposure I will get!  The writing part of blogging is the fun part for me.  The promoting part is not.

The top bloggers in this contest are well-known and have exponentially more followers than I do (and most have been blogging for years).  I’m definitely the under-dog trying to hang with the Big Dogs.  The Mom&Pop shop next to the Walmart (actually I would be the Mom&Op(olize) Shop.  Read that a couple of times.  You’ll get it. LOL).  But wouldn’t it be SO COOL if EVERYONE reading this voted for me every day until the 13th and skyrocketed me up to the top 25.  And all the big wig blogs were like “Woah, who the heck is this Momopolize person and how did she get up here??”  I’ve always said I have the BEST readers.  You can now prove that to the blogging world.  Let’s show them it isn’t always quantity.  We have QUALITY readers here people.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It probably wouldn’t be all that cool for YOU.  But could you still click the cute pink circle??  And THEN CLICK THE THUMBS UP BUTTON in the box for the “Top 25 Funny Moms 2013” contest.  I don’t want to stay on the porch.

circle of moms top 25

I don’t want to end my post pleading so watch the cutest video.  It will definitely make you laugh…

Baby fast asleep until her favorite song comes onClick on the photo or here to watch “Baby Fast Asleep Until Her Favorite Song Comes On!”  Beware though.  The song is stuck in my head now.

(I can’t post videos here – downside of free blog hosting – so it is posted on FB)

Outfoxed by the Dogs

Our dogs ran off yesterday.  I looked outside and the gate at the back of our fenced yard was opened.  Panic ensued.  Lots of yelling, whistling and clapping (not sure what I thought the clapping would accomplish.)  I remembered the last time the escaped – they would never have stopped if I hadn’t been in pursuit – so I knew that, even though they had been out for less than 10 minutes, they could have been anywhere!

I started driving around (even though, as I said, they could have been anywhere).  Unfortunately all this occurred when I was supposed to be picking up the kids from school.  I pulled up to school 5 minutes late and yelled “GET IN!”  It could have been a get-away scene in a movie as we sped away.  OK, I wasn’t speeding.  Even in a panic I don’t speed in school zones.

After driving up and down every street around, I finally drove to a cul-de-sac that has access to the woods without trudging through waist-high brush.  I walked down the path and over the board “bridge” that crosses a creek.  It is literally a board.  Shockingly I didn’t fall in.  Admit it.  You were hoping I’d say I did.

I saw something brown pouncing around in the distance.  Then I saw TWO somethings brown.  I couldn’t get a good view, so stood there for a moment to make sure it wasn’t deer.  Too small for deer so it MUST be the dogs.

I started running through the muddy woods (in shoes I have only worn 3 times) getting closer and closer.  Yelling and whistling (and still clapping) even louder now.  I could only see one now and she wouldn’t come toward my calls.  She just kept jumping on top of a pile of branches, disappearing underneath them and reappearing again on top.

Photo: flickr.com/vince1471
Photo: flickr.com/vince1471

As I got really close, I stopped and got a good look.  It wasn’t the dogs.  It was a FOX!  And the branches were probably covering her den.

I just ran up on a Momma fox protecting her babies.


Luckily she chose to forgive my stupidity and went back in the den as I ran back toward the car.

It had been over an hour, so my mind switched to figuring out which photo would show up best on the “Lost Dogs” flier.  Just then the phone rang.  A good Samaritan had my wet, muddy dogs in her garage!  They had followed the same creek I walked across all the way to her house.  About 3 miles away.

Photo bedbathandbeyond.com
Photo bedbathandbeyond.com

surprised emoticon freeclipart

I think I’m going to buy one of those Potty Patch thingamabobs and never let the dogs outside again.

P.S. We never use that gate because it only leads to the waist high brush – and I was the only one home all day – so I’m left with the mystery of….Who let the dogs out?  Who? Who? Who?

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