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NYC Part 3B – My Lunch with Melissa Gorga of Real Housewives Of New Jersey

For those of you just tuning in, I recently went on a whirlwind trip to NYC including lunch with Melissa Gorga – courtesy of Voli Light Vodka – for winning their Housewife Heroes contest.  I wrote a guest blog post on Voli’s blog about it!

For those of you that have read the rest of the journey, you’ve made it through the “bad and the ugly” parts about my mishaps, trials and tribulations.  Now you will be rewarded with the good.  The fancy-schmancy parts of the trip.  The conversations I had with Melissa.  The pampering.  But to read about it you have to click HERE or the link below!

Click here for my guest post—->  volispirits.com/voliblog/2013/01/22/volis-housewife-hero-trip-to-nyc-and-lunch-with-Melissa-Gorga

No catchy title for this post.  I thought about calling it “In a New York Minute” since the lunch – and trip – seemed to be over in the blink of an eye.  But I went with shameless celebrity name dropping instead to attract more readers.

The Voli blog post is just the tip of the iceberg.  And there were times I felt like the Titanic. In case you missed it, MUCH more about those stories of the trip can be found in these links…

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NYC Part 4 – The Neon Lights Are Fading

Plus, there was an official press packet that was picked up by some “celebrity” blogs.  They all say pretty much the same thing but I had to include multiple ones.  What can I say…seeing my name with all the celebrities made me all starry eyed.






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Lunch with Melissa 11 my blog

NYC Part 4: The Neon Lights Are Fading

(To read the other parts of my NYC trip, click here.)

Well, I’m out-of-order again.  This should be posted after the Voli guest blog post with the details about lunch with Melissa Gorga.  But since I’m not sure how long it will take them to review what I wrote and since it has been two weeks since the trip, I’m going to go ahead and wrap this story up!  (Don’t worry, I will still post the link to the Voli post when it is published!).

After lunch with the Jersey girl, we spent the evening with the Jersey Boys (after a nap to re-charge, of course!  Sorry “city that never sleeps” – you may need to change your name after my visit!)!

The Broadway show was all I hoped it would be.  Loved it!

NYC Part 4 voli blog 9

After the show, we had a late dinner at John’s Pizzeria (yeah, we made sure we got our fill of NY pizza) which was recommended by George (Melissa’s make-up artist).  I actually preferred it over Lombardi’s.  Both were fantastic, but I liked this crust a bit better.  And yes, Jim is sticking his tongue out.

NYC Part 4 Johns Pizzeria

It was freezing cold that evening, so the 5 block walk back to the hotel seemed very long!  I was happy to get under some warm covers.


The next morning we woke with a lot still left on the “want-to-see” list.  Unfortunately my pillow won for the “must-see” list.  I thought we’d leave the hotel long before the noon check-out time but I think we left the building at about 11:57.

NYC Part 4 Sleeping In The City That Never Sleeps

Luckily our flight was late in the day, so we still had several hours.  By this point of the trip, my joints were rebelling from all the walking and the frigid temps made matters worse.  We ate lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., mainly because we had eaten at one in Florida years ago.  I was hoping mind over body would transport me to Florida so I wouldn’t feel chilled to the bone for a moment!

FYI, I could live on nothing but the “Seafood Hush Pups” for at least a month!  Of course I had to get a photo on the bench with the “Life Is Like A Box Of Brown Stuff Chocolates” box.

NYC Part 4 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

I must have been missing the kids a lot by this point, because most of the stops we made the rest of the afternoon were kid related.  Souvenir shopping, naturally, and a pit-stop to see the amazing Toys R Us store.  A ferris wheel IN the store.  Wow!

NYC Part 4 Toys R Us 1

Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in Toys R Us was just as Wonky as the movie.  I got stuck in the endless tunnel.

NYC Part 4 Toys R Us Willie Wonka Tunnel

After seeing the New York Toys R Us photos, my kids will never want to step foot in our local store again.  Just one story and no carnival rides??  Just look at how boring it looks…

NYC Part 4 Boring Toys R Us

The busiest store we visited was the 3 story M&M store.

NYC Part 4 M&M 2

NYC Part 4 Personalized M&Ms

We witnessed a turf war.  Elmo vs. Elmo.  Luckily Batman was there to resolve the territorial dispute.

NYC Part 4 Elmo Turf War

No trip to NYC is complete without a Naked Cowboy sighting.

NYC Part 4 Naked Cowboy 2 NYC Part 4 Naked Cowboy 1

We didn’t want THAT to be our last memory of the city, so our grand finale was a trip to the Top of the Rock for a bird’s-eye view.

NYC Part 4 voli blog 10

Time for Hugh to take us back to the airport.  Good-bye NYC.

NYC Part 4 Time To Go Home

When we arrived back at Dulles airport, I took all necessary precautions to make sure no paparazzi recognized me.  (Yes, those are Voli sunglasses that were in my care package.)  My disguise must have worked because not a single photog recognized me.  Glad I dodged THAT bullet!

NYC Part 4 Disguise at airport

We didn’t know what to do after we left baggage claim.  I mean NO ONE had a sign with our name on it.  NO ONE offered to carry our luggage.  Gawsh.

NYC Part 4 Carrying bags at airport

We had to walk ALL the way to the parking garage and then the worst thing of all happened.  We had to DRIVE OURSELVES HOME.

NYC Part 4 Not impressed

Not impressed.

Fairy Tale is over.  Back to life. Back to reality.

But I think we just may live happily ever after anyway!


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But – JUST IN CASE – don’t be surprised if you see me around town incognito…

NYC Part 4 Voli Sunglasses

Don’t Talk To Strangers. Unless You Are Asking Them For Help.

Hopefully I can have a bottle of vodka to wash down the hypocrite.

Let me ask once again for you to vote for me to win a trip to NYC based on my “self-less” behavior.  Yes, that’s right.  I’ve asking you to help me win a self-indulgent, self-serving, self-involved prize for my…self.  Doesn’t sound so self-less.  Selfish is more like it.

I cringe every time I post a “please vote for me” plea for this contest.  It just feels weird since I was initially notified about entering the contest because Voli Light saw my post about “Momopoly: The Real Game Of  Life” and using monopoly game concepts like Chance and Community Chest to foster fellowship and help those in need.

But I guess this time I feel like I am the one in need.   I feel the need lately for something to re-energize myself.  Re-motivate.  Re-inspire.  I am not good at asking for things for me.  But I have been asking anyway.  Begging.  Shouting.  Vote for ME.  Do this for ME.  I want something for ME. Those are hard words for me to say.

I’m not even sure why I want this so badly.  I’m not usually a high-falutin’ trip-to-the-big-city kind of gal.  But maybe that’s why I do want to go.  A few days of not being me.  A few days of putting me first.  A few days of saying it is ok to be selfish sometimes.

I have not heeded the advice given during the safety speech they give on an airplane.  “In the event of emergency, put on your oxygen mask first and then help others.” I’ve been trying to help the other passengers while mine is still dangling from the ceiling.  Maybe this trip would help me put my mask on and take a really deep breath.

I don’t think I have much chance of winning since I didn’t even know I was a finalist for about 6 of the 9 eligible voting days.  Especially since I don’t even think I’ve been able to vote for myself since a message keeps popping up that I’ve already voted for the day!  But I do appreciate everyone that has indulged me by voting for me and giving me words of encouragement!

Win or lose, I’m going to watch Real Housewives this week.  And I’m finally going to get my hair cut.  Do I know how to pamper myself or what??

And now you know what’s coming…

Click the link below, second page of stories, vote for Angela M.  🙂


The City That Never Sleeps and The Girl That Always Does

It’s a little ironic that I’m trying to get votes to win a trip to the “city that never sleeps” when lately that seems to be all I do.  Fatigue has taken over recently and napping seems to be what fills up all of my spare time.  My 4o winks have been more like 4,000 winks.

Photo: livinlavidazia.com

But if you help me win the trip to NYC, I promise to save all lumbering for when I get home.  I will enjoy every moment of the trip and will blog about every detail so you can re-live it with me!

Have no idea what trip I’m talking about?  You can read about it here…

Want to see me with BIG hair??

Or I can just quickly tell you about it again…

Voli Light Vodka contacted me about a “Housewife Heroes” contest after reading about my posts about my “game plan.”  I’ve been selected as a finalist and now need your votes to win a trip to NYC and lunch including a make-over with Melissa Gorga (Real Housewives of New Jersey) and some other goodies.

I can’t win this without my friends and loyal readers.  Just click the link below and go to the second page for my entry (Angela M) and click the little vote box!  You can click once a day from now through Friday!


During all of my naps, I will dream of going to the city that doesn’t sleep.  More irony.


And don’t forget my…thick.  hair.  Really thick hair.  The real housewife make-over big hair pics will be your grand prize.