Oppan Costco Style

OMGosh you guys!  I think I must be a viral sensation.  I went to Costco today and like almost EVERY cart had used my pie recipe.  (If you missed my pie recipe yesterday, click here.)  I couldn’t believe it.  That means they ALL read my blog and ran right out to try what I suggested, right?  I am so excited!  I mean, if that many people from just MY Costo read my blog, then just think how many read it across the country!!!

Some people even made their own adjustments to the recipe, substituting Pumpkin or Pecans for the Apples.  Pure genius.  I always suspected my readers are brilliant.

I think I even heard a few singing the following song…

Hey, Bloggy Lady. Op, Op, Op, Oppan Costco Style.

Hey, Bloggy Lady. Op, Op, Op Oppan Costco Style.

Look out Gangnam Style, I think Costco Style is the next big thing.  My pie-in-the-sky is within reach.

Now I just need some cool dance moves.  “Bake the Cake” anyone?


What’s that you’re saying??  All the people buying pies at Costco had nothing to do with following my recipe??  Or reading my blog??  Oh.

I guess I need to eat humble pie.  Anyone have a recipe??

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10 thoughts on “Oppan Costco Style”

  1. Angela, you crack me up!!! As I sit here making homemade pumpkin and apple pies, I wish I had used your recipe. Especially since Nikolai helped me peel apples so it’s more like applesauce pie! Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, applesauce pie could be a great new invention. Combining apple pie with pumpkin pie consisteny…you may be on to something. Plus, just think of the market with toothless senior citizens! 😀

  3. I arrived at my friends house and found she had not one but three pies!!! I laughed so hard and made her read your recipe. Word passes through the grapevine fast around here lol

  4. Awesome recipe. Too bad Costco is way too far away from our house. I enjoyed your photo and accompanying song. It will be in my head until I go to bed.
    This year, I found the best excuse for not being able to contribute to the big feast. Sorry, but my kitchen is ripped out. I don’t have a stove or an oven. Everyone was thrilled that I brought Hawaiian bread/rolls. Easy as pie, but without having to tear off the plastic wrap and price tag. I may have to tear my kitchen out every year.

    1. Love it! I think I will try that! Kitchen remodel every year around mid-November…should get me out of all the major holiday cooking/baking. How do you make Hawaiian bread?

      1. Go to the deli, wave to the lady at the deli counter as you walk by her, bend at the knees as you pick up the packages of Hawaiian bread. Go to Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone loves Hawaiian bread, so you don’t want to take them out of the package. People will cheer when they see the package. Done and done. Enjoy!

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