What Would One Wear To Lunch With Melissa Gorga??

Because I need to know!!!voli housewife winner

Thanks to everyone who voted, I am NYC bound on January 3 and will be having lunch with Melissa Gorga on January 4!!!  I am so thrilled!!!  Thank you, thank you!  More details soon but, seriously, what the heck should I wear to lunch with one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey???


P.S. I got the news about this a while ago but was sworn to secrecy until the official announcement was made.  So I am also thrilled that I don’t have to keep the secret any longer because it is apparent that I’m not good at keeping my mouth shut.   🙂


18 thoughts on “What Would One Wear To Lunch With Melissa Gorga??”

  1. Yay!!!! Wear whatever you are comfortable in, but DEFINITELY lots of gold eye shadow!! I am a huge RHONJ fan. You will have a blast in NYC.

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