Heidi Klum and I Are So Much Alike, We Should Be BFFs!

Heidi Klum Halloween Christmas

  1. Heidi hosts an annual Halloween bash.  I organized “Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat.
  2. Frankenstorm postponed both of our functions.
  3. Heidi rescheduled for December 3rd and arrived in full Halloween costume with Santa escorting her.  I revamped the idea into “Jolly Old Saint Nick Or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat” and rescheduled for December 18.
  4. Heidi’s party was held in New York and was sponsored by a vodka company.  I won a trip to New York sponsored by Voli Light vodka company, partly because they read about my idea.
  5. Heidi’s party was full of Hollywood superstars.  Mine will be full of real superstars (kids in need).
  6. Heidi’s Hollywood superstar community donated to the Red Cross.  My neighborhood community donated to the real superstars.
  7. Heidi is a famous supermodel.  I am a…ummmm…well…hmmmm….

OK, maybe lunch with another celebrity isn’t in my future.  But we both DO agree that Christmas in July is sooooo yesterday’s news.  Halloween in December is the next big thing!

Now let’s just hope Mother Nature cooperates this time…


Click here to read more about Heidi’s party.

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