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Momastery’s Carry On Warrior Signed by Glennon plus Parenting Gag Reel

I’ve never offered a giveaway before and I’m starting out with a doozy!

  1. Hardcover copy of Carrior On Warrior SIGNED by Momastery’s very own Glennon Melton!
  2. 5 Copies of Life Well Blogged’s book, Parenting Gag Reel, Kindle Version.  A portion of the proceeds will go to Autism Speaks!
  3. Life Well Blogged’s Kindle Fire giveaway

I was fortunate enough to go to the first book signing event for  Carry On Warrior and have a signed copy to give to one lucky Monkee!  I had planned to write more about the book signing (which was amazing) in this post, but will have to tell all in another post.  You know, because life is hard.  And today I’m not feeling up for doing hard things.  So I’m doing easy things…like giving things away.

Five lucky winners will receive Kindle downloads of the 4th book in Life Well Blogged’s popular series.  “Parenting Gag Reel – Hilarious Write and Wrongs” contains hilarious (i.e. the title) stories from 40 fantastic popular bloggers (well, 39 fantastic bloggers…plus me.  But hopefully my stories will make you giggle as well. 😉 ).  I’m very excited about the book and know you will love it too!

In honor of the Parenting Gag Reel Release, Life Well Blogged is also giving away a Kindle Fire when they reach 1000!!

I am doing an “old school” giveaway.  I will write all the entries on pieces of paper, put them in a basket, and choose one for each prize!  Now that is REALLY old school!

To enter the giveaway for the books (any or ALL below…the more you do, the more entries you get):

1.  Facebook – Become a fan by going to  Click “Like” AND leave a comment about one of my posts you read (other than this one).  Once you click the like button, hover over it and select “Get Notifications.”  (If you do this from your personal FB account AND a Blog FB page, you get TWO entries!  Just make sure to comment as both.)

2. Bloglovin’ – Follow me on this blog reader by going to  You can sign in using your Facebook account or sign up with your email address.  Once you log in, simply click the “Follow” button for Momopolize!  No comment necessary for this entry.

3. WordPress –  Follow me here (at the top of this page) and comment below about one of my posts you read (other than this one).

To be eligible to win the Kindle Fire, you must also:

1. Sign up for Life Well Blogged’s email list at  Abbey from Life Well Blogged will be randomly choosing the winner for the Kindle Fire and will notify the winner directly.

Book giveaway entries will be accepted until 11:59pm EST 4/11/13.  Then watch for a new post on Friday April 12 to find out the book winners!  (The winners will have until 4/19/13 to respond with contact information for me to send the prize.)

(The end date for the Kindle Fire will depend on when Life Well Blogged reaches the 1000 requirement.)

Need some giggles NOW?  Go ahead and download Parenting Gag Reel today!  It is only $2.99!  AND the best part is that a portion of that goes to charity!  What if you buy a copy and then win ANOTHER copy?  You can make someone else’s day brighter by giving them the gift of laughter!  Click on the link below to purchase.  Paperback version of the book should be out next week!

Watch for upcoming posts in the next few days for…Glennon Melton book signing

  • Details about the Carry On Warrior book signing in McLean, VA and meeting Glennon!
  • Review of Parenting Gag Reel
  • Review of Carry On Warrior

Here’s a (fuzzy) glimpse of the fun at the book signing———–>

(Yes, Glennon is on a ladder!)

Heidi Klum and I Are So Much Alike, We Should Be BFFs!

Heidi Klum Halloween Christmas

  1. Heidi hosts an annual Halloween bash.  I organized “Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat.
  2. Frankenstorm postponed both of our functions.
  3. Heidi rescheduled for December 3rd and arrived in full Halloween costume with Santa escorting her.  I revamped the idea into “Jolly Old Saint Nick Or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat” and rescheduled for December 18.
  4. Heidi’s party was held in New York and was sponsored by a vodka company.  I won a trip to New York sponsored by Voli Light vodka company, partly because they read about my idea.
  5. Heidi’s party was full of Hollywood superstars.  Mine will be full of real superstars (kids in need).
  6. Heidi’s Hollywood superstar community donated to the Red Cross.  My neighborhood community donated to the real superstars.
  7. Heidi is a famous supermodel.  I am a…ummmm…well…hmmmm….

OK, maybe lunch with another celebrity isn’t in my future.  But we both DO agree that Christmas in July is sooooo yesterday’s news.  Halloween in December is the next big thing!

Now let’s just hope Mother Nature cooperates this time…


Click here to read more about Heidi’s party.

(Photo credit: article link above)

Don’t Talk To Strangers. Unless You Are Asking Them For Help.

Hopefully I can have a bottle of vodka to wash down the hypocrite.

Let me ask once again for you to vote for me to win a trip to NYC based on my “self-less” behavior.  Yes, that’s right.  I’ve asking you to help me win a self-indulgent, self-serving, self-involved prize for my…self.  Doesn’t sound so self-less.  Selfish is more like it.

I cringe every time I post a “please vote for me” plea for this contest.  It just feels weird since I was initially notified about entering the contest because Voli Light saw my post about “Momopoly: The Real Game Of  Life” and using monopoly game concepts like Chance and Community Chest to foster fellowship and help those in need.

But I guess this time I feel like I am the one in need.   I feel the need lately for something to re-energize myself.  Re-motivate.  Re-inspire.  I am not good at asking for things for me.  But I have been asking anyway.  Begging.  Shouting.  Vote for ME.  Do this for ME.  I want something for ME. Those are hard words for me to say.

I’m not even sure why I want this so badly.  I’m not usually a high-falutin’ trip-to-the-big-city kind of gal.  But maybe that’s why I do want to go.  A few days of not being me.  A few days of putting me first.  A few days of saying it is ok to be selfish sometimes.

I have not heeded the advice given during the safety speech they give on an airplane.  “In the event of emergency, put on your oxygen mask first and then help others.” I’ve been trying to help the other passengers while mine is still dangling from the ceiling.  Maybe this trip would help me put my mask on and take a really deep breath.

I don’t think I have much chance of winning since I didn’t even know I was a finalist for about 6 of the 9 eligible voting days.  Especially since I don’t even think I’ve been able to vote for myself since a message keeps popping up that I’ve already voted for the day!  But I do appreciate everyone that has indulged me by voting for me and giving me words of encouragement!

Win or lose, I’m going to watch Real Housewives this week.  And I’m finally going to get my hair cut.  Do I know how to pamper myself or what??

And now you know what’s coming…

Click the link below, second page of stories, vote for Angela M.  🙂!/volispirits/app_489717107739723

Jolly Old St. Nick-or-Treat

Photo credit:

Rescheduling “Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat” has proven to be a bit…umm…tricky.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a workable date to transform the event into “Snacksgiving” (I thought that was a little less offensive than calling it “Thanksgivoweenie.”).

I did, however, have a meeting yesterday and am happy to report it will be held in conjunction with a distribution of shoe box filled gifts for Christmas.

It will most likely be held strictly indoors (because I don’t want Mother Nature flubbing things up again!) with some festive decorations and games with the food as “prizes.”  There is a possibility of still trying to incorporate the trunk-or-treat concept.  “Christmas Tree Trunk-or-treat” perhaps.

I’m anxious for this to happen (and to get all the food out of my living room), but for now I suppose I will just have to Ho-Ho-Hold my horses.

Stay tuned…


And my daily PITA reminder:  VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.  Yes, I realize the presidential election is over.  But another important vote is needed.  To help me win a trip to NYC and some schmoozing and boozing and make-over with Melissa Gorga.  Click on the link below, go to the second page of stories and vote for Angela M.!/volispirits/app_489717107739723

Don’t Pull Down My Underwear

“Trick Or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat” was supposed to happen today.  But Sandy happened instead.  She shut down everything here for the past two days.  Frankenstorm apparently wanted something BAD to eat.

The lyrics to that song end “…if you don’t, I don’t care.  I’ll pull down your underwear.”  I realize I didn’t give something good to eat.  Yet.  But I do care.  So please don’t pull down my underwear.  I vote for pantsing Sandy instead.

The song has another verse that ends “…not too big, not too small.  Just the size of Montreal.”  The piles of food in my living room are pretty much the size of Montreal!  The generous donations and words of encouragement I received have been nothing short of incredible.  I just love living in a community that is so wonderfully caring of those less fortunate!  I have Mount Royal right in my living room (That’s a mountain in Montreal.  I Googled it…don’t overestimate my knowledge of geography.).

Notice the guard cat, Mushu.  I gave strict orders to keep all kids away from the donations.  He and Bob B. McKitty take shifts and both look pretty ferocious with their glowing eyes.

In case anyone makes it past the cats, there is back-up security.  The hand has a motion sensor that triggers the fingers to wiggle.  It is jointed just like a real hand so it actually looks like it is trying to grab you.  Ain’t nobody goin’ near the food with that freaky thing around!

I must admit I’m bummed about coming up with Plan B Plan C Plan D for this event.  I’m not looking forward to figuring out how to incorporate a “trick or treat” idea into a post-Halloween event.  It may not be possible to reschedule immediately, so it may be closer to Thanksgiving than Halloween by the time it is held. Leave it to me to schedule an outdoor, community-wide event on the same day as the storm of the century.

I thought of referring to it Thanksgivoween, but my kids kept re-phrasing that to Thanksgivoweenie.  But hey, maybe I could serve turkey hot dogs and just run with that idea!  

I guess I’ll just follow the lead of retail stores and overlap holidays.


It blows when things don’t work out as planned, but as long as you remember what is important, you can always weather the storm.  The treats WILL get to the children that need them, regardless of whether they are wearing costumes and saying “trick-or-treat” or if they are wearing turkey feathers and saying “I want to gobble up some treats!”  How they get the food isn’t what is important.  THAT they get the food is.

But I’m still mad at Sandy.  ________________________________________________

Many prayers go out to everyone that had much more than a trick-or-treat event ruined by Sandy.  Way too many people were not fortunate enough to avoid the havoc she wreaked.


(I promise to try to start using the real camera instead of my crappy quality cell phone.  Try being the key word.)


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Give Me Something Good To Eat


Trick Or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat will take place a week from today!

Now I just cross my fingers that it all comes together ok.  In other words, I will worry incessantly that it won’t.

As soon as I pressed send for the sign-up genius, I realized just how many people will need to sign up to get enough items.  It’s a scary number. Even if the only attendees are the children that will already be at an after school activity at the school where it is being held.  Eek.

I fear that I won’t hear back about a corporate donation from Walmart.  It would need to be approved in a few days.  Nothing in the corporate world takes a few days.  Yikes.

I panicked when I realized that AOL will no longer allow me to send emails to my entire community distribution list without labeling me a spammer so I’m not able to reach out to as many people as I had hoped.

I’m apprehensive about finding enough volunteers to decorate their cars/tables and hand out treats in the middle of the week, at a hectic time of day.  It made sense to correlate the event with the other activity at the school since so many children we are trying to help will already be there, but it is a nightmare time of day – even for me.

I feel trepidation over not knowing how many children will show up.  My worst fear is seeing little faces holding out a bag and telling them we are out of food!  “Sorry little one, you get a trick.  We are out of treats.”  That would be more awful than the worst horror movie ever.

I guess Halloween really CAN be a terrifying holiday.  And not just because of the monsters.


Hoping the only scary part of this event is the costumes and decorations! 🙂